Medical and Aromatic Plants, Essential Oils

Turkey is designated within the seven countries that are known internationally for existence of medical and aromatic plants. Turkey is not only the gene-center for numerous plants but it also accommodates important endemic species. Today more than 9000 species are identified in Turkey’s flora. About 1000 of these species are medical and spices plants.

Essential oils used in many branches of industry such as cosmetic, food, chemical and medical industry are produced from medical and aromatic plants.

Essential oils being purely natural material are valuable and indispensable raw materials of odors and tastes. Essential oils are odorous fluids which are produced by a standardized process from truly defined medical and aromatic plants.

TIKTA Inc. (Agricultural Climatisation and Technological Research Inc.) is producing essential oils from medical and aromatic plants.

Percentages and components of the oleoresin, which is obtained from own production of medical and aromatic plants, are specified in our R&D Department located in the Middle East Technical University (METU) – Tecnopolis.

Extractions of oleoresin from medical and aromatic plants cultivated as crop plants in the company’s fields of 400 decare near Antalya and Sakarya/Turkey, are achieved in distillation units constructed near by the cultivation fields. Consequently all the steps of the production can be easily monitored.

In our studies, which is supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), eight professors from Agriculture, Chemistry and Pharmacy Faculties of considerable Turkish universities have been consulting.

Essential oils demanded from our list of products are supplied immediately in accordance with our stocks. Special orders are taken into our production plan and supplied according to the seasons and pre-determined duration.

We are guaranteeing the standards and permanency of our products. Samples are available on request.

Concerning products that are not in our list we would like to inform you that we are ready to conduct research on and produce the required plants according to your demand.

In addition, we deliver requested components separated from obtained oleoresin by utilizing supercritical CO2 extraction method. For instance, if requested, we deliver menthol extracted from mint oil by this method.

Our production facilities and R&D department are open to your visit all the time. Moreover we invite you to observe our production process from the beginning of cultivation to obtaining and delivering of oleoresin.